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Venice Beach: take Interstate 75 to Exit 200 toward Venice, on FL 681 South. Continue until taking a slight right on Tamiami Trail, then right on Avenida del Circo. Turn right when road dead ends onto Airport Avenue, then go left on Harbor Drive. A public parking lot and the beach is at the end of Harbor Drive.

Venice Municipal Beach

Service Club Park Beach

Venice Pier

The area just north of this dock has some of the best examples of meg teeth ever found in the region. Divers gear up in a public parking lot off of Harbor Drive near a restaurant called Sharky’s, then walk from their cars to the water. The most promising shore dives are in 20 to 25 foot depths, where you’ll likely find countless teeth in the half-inch to one-inch range. If you’re lucky, you’ll find teeth much larger and thicker — up to a maximum of six inches.

Due to its gradual sloping bottom, to get to the 25-foot depth range off the pier, you’ll need to go about 150 yards out to sea. So before making your descent, backpaddle along the surface to maximize your bottom time until you’re even with the end of the Pier. When you hit the black sand, it’s time to start hunting.

Casperson Beach

This shark tooth hot spot and beach dive, on Venice Island’s southern tip, south of the town pier, has also been known to contain great numbers of teeth. There are a series of ledges here, in a maximum depth of 25 feet, which provide a great tooth hunting environment. New deposits of fossilized teeth are exposed on freshly unearthed bedrock daily thanks to currents. An ancient riverbed running a quarter mile offshore, parallel to the coast, called the Bone Pit is also a great area to search, and is accessible only by boat. Companies like Florida West Scuba School and Nitrogen Narcosis run two-tank charters almost daily to that area, where there’s an accumulation of countless years of fossilized remains.

The Venice area represents one of those rare diving opportunities where divers are actually rewarded with tangible souvenirs—pieces of the planet’s history—unlike most other dive destinations, where only pictures and memories can be taken.

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