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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about classes

1. How old do I have to be to start Scuba Diving?

We can certify anyone from the age of 10 to scuba dive, but from age 10-14 you will receive a Junior Scuba Diver card.  The kids aged 10-14 take the exact same class is exactly the same as the "adult" certification, but Junior Scuba Divers must dive with a certified responsible adult and not with another Junior.  At age 15, they can upgrade their card to the full adult certification without taking the class again.

2. Can I take the class on my own or do I need a buddy?

You can come to the class on your own or with a buddy!  If you don't have a buddy, we will buddy you up with someone else in the class or with the instructor.

3. Do you do private classes?

Yes, absolutely!  If you can't make one of our scheduled classes, or if you feel like you would learn better one- or two-on-one with the instructor, we can set up classes to suit your schedule.  These are a little more expensive than our scheduled classes, and pricing varies depending on the number of students in the private class.  Please call us to discuss options!

4. Do you offer refresher classes?

Yes we do!  Refreshers are scheduled as and when they are requested.  We have a few options and prices for refreshers, please give us a call to discuss the best option for you!

Questions about service

1. What brands of gear do you service?

We are dealers for and are factory authorized to service the following brands: Atomic, Oceanic, Hollis, Zeagle, Suunto, Sherwood, Dive Rite, Tusa, US Divers, Deep Sea, OceanReef, JBL, AB Biller, Rob Allen and Cressi.

2. What is your turnaround time for service?

We always strive to service gear as promptly as possible, but it does depend on the time of year and how busy our service tech is.  During his busiest times, turnaround can be as much as 10 days, but during quiet periods it could be just 1-2 days.  It is always best to plan for the worst case scenario and ensure your gear is serviced and in good working order well before any planned trips or excursions.  What if your gear needs a part that has to be ordered?  We will always try to do our best for you, but if you bring in your gear the day before your trip, we may not be able to assist you in that time frame. Planning ahead will prevent disappointment!!

3. How often should I get my gear serviced?

That depends on the type of gear and how often you use it.  Atomic and Hollis regulators need to be serviced every 2 years or 300 dives (whichever comes first).  All other regulators are every 1 year.  BCDs should be serviced annually as well.  Tanks require visual inspections annually and hydrostatic tests every 5 years.  Aluminum tanks manufactured prior to 1989 are no longer able to be filled, as they were made with an aluminium alloy that is prone to explode on filling (excluding tanks manufactured by Catalina).

4. My regulator is 20 years old, is it still good?

That depends on how well you have stored and looked after it.  The majority of regulators should be serviced annually even if they have not been used, though some brands can be serviced every 2 or even every 3 years.  We recommend you get your regulator checked out by a professional before you plan on using it, especially if you have not kept up with its proper servicing - it is after all the main piece of equipment keeping you alive!

Questions about gear rentals

1. Do you offer gear rentals?

Yes!  We have a large selection of BCDs, regulators, air and nitrox tanks available for rental.  Pricing is by the day and package pricing is available for people going on scheduled trips with our instructors.

2. Can I use the pool to try out any gear?

Yes, we have an onsite, heated 10ft deep pool which certified divers may use to try out any gear when we do not have classes going on.  The cost of doing this varies, depending on whether you have your own gear or not.

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