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Other Services

In addition to Scuba certification classes, we offer a wide range of other services at Scubavice, including:


  • Specialty classes

  • Scuba Refresher classes

  • Skin diver / Snorkelling classes

  • Air, NITROX and Tri-Mix fills

  • Visual and Hydrostatic testing of tanks

  • Gear and tank rental

  • On-site servicing and repairs of regulators, BCDs and computers

  • ... plus much more!

Service & Fills Menu

Scubavice is a certified service center for several brands, including but not limited to Atomic, Zeagle, Suunto, Sherwood, Genesis, Dive Rite, Oceanic, Tusa, Cressi, Hollis and Oceanreef.  Services options include:

  • Regulator annual service and checks

  • BCD annual service

  • O2 cleaning

  • Air Visual inspections

  • Nitrox visual inspections

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Tank Tumbling

  • Valve service

Gear Rentals

Scubavice has a large selection of gear available for rental, including:

  • Regulators

  • BCDs

  • Air and Nitrox tanks

  • Weight belts

  • Floats, Flags and reels

  • Dive with us bundles - 2 tanks, BCD and regulator

We do not offer rentals of mask, fins, snorkels, weights or wetsuits at this time.

NOTE: Rental equipment is subject to availability and is first-come-first-served.

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