A new twist on an old idea, these spring straps are the most comfortable and practical you will ever own.  They will fit any Atomic Aquatics open heel style fins.  


- Put on or take off your fins quickly and easily without adjustment

- Soft stretch vari-pitch spring keeps gentle yet positive tension for long-term comfort

- Large, easy to geasp pull-tab

- Squeeze to release buckles to remove strap completely from the fin


These are the only spring type straps that are factory approved for use on the Atomic Aquatics fins.  Other aftermarket brands may cause breakage to the buckle retaining posts that may not be covered under your fin warranty.  These straps can be re-sized to different lengths if needed.  The spring can be repositioned in the buckle to accommodate a total adjustment of about 1.5".  We recommend the straps be set to a light tension.  If they are too tight, they may become uncomfortable after a long dive.

Atomic Aquatics Spring Straps