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Specialty and Technical Classes

Scuba training continues far beyond the open water basics! We teach a wide range of specialized type of diving, including:


  • Enriched Air (NITROX)

  • Solo Diving

  • Wreck diving

  • Cave diving

  • Rescue training

  • Underwater photography & videography

  • Underwater hunting, search & recovery

  • Spearfishing

  • Technical diving

  • ... plus many more!


Just about any area of underwater interest is probably taught in a Specialty course. Join the fun and continue diving today!

Enriched Air (NITROX)

One of the most popular specialty classes we offer is the Enriched Air (or NITROX) course.  In the academic section of the NITROX course you will learn the advantages, and potential problems, associated with breathing oxygen enriched air. You will also review your dive tables and learn how to calculate dives not only using special tables, but using any table to dive this gas safely. Using NITROX does not mean learning any new water skills, so the class is structured to be a hands on classroom program. Besides the use of NITROX tables, you will discuss NITROX computers, and learn to test tanks to check your oxygen levels. If you are looking to maximize your bottom time and build in a safety margin against decompression sickness, this class is a must!






After you complete the classroom session and exam, you are greatly encouraged to complete 2 NITROX dives within 6 Months, though the dives are no longer an absolute requirement for NITROX Certification.

The NITROX class can be done in conjunction with the Scuba Diver or Advanced/Advanced Adventure course, or it can be taken as a stand alone specialty class. 

Refresher Class

If you are already certified, but it has been over 6 months since your last dive, we recommend you take a refresher class in our pool.  During a refresher session one of our divemasters or instructors will take you through everything taught during the pool sessions of the Scuba Diver course, including:


  • Gear set up

  • Entries (giant stride, back roll)

  • Mask clearing and removal

  • Regulator removal and recovery

  • Out of air

  • Recovery of an unconscious diver

  • plus many more...


The goal of the refresher course is to "refresh" your memory on those skills you may have forgotten or are a little uncertain/uncomfortable with, having not used them in over 6 months. Our price for the Refresher Class (pool only) is $50.00 for the class.  You will need your own personal gear (mask, fins, snorkel, boots) but regulators and BCDs are available for rental and included in the cost of the refresher. 


If you wish to do a slightly more in-depth refresh and sit in on the classroom portion of the Scuba Diver course as well as the pool sessions, then our cost for this is $99.99.  This does not include the checkout dives, books or certification card.

SDI Solo Diver Specialty

Solo diving, once considered technical diving and discouraged by most certification agencies, is now seen by many experienced divers and some certification agencies as an acceptable practice for those divers suitably trained and experienced. Rather than relying on the traditional buddy diving safety system, solo divers should be skilled in self-sufficiency and willing to take responsibility for their own safety while diving.

SDI’s Solo Diving course is the practice of self reliant scuba diving without a “dive buddy.” The skills and ideas stressed throughout the Solo Diver course include:

  • proper dive planning

  • personal limitations

  • accident prevention

  • benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for diving solo 


You will also learn the additional equipment that is required for solo diving including its proper usage and assembly. This is the perfect course for spearfishermen, underwater photographers and underwater video divers, as well as those diving with their children or buddies that may not be very experienced in scuba diving.

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