Our Staff

One of the most unique things about Scubavice Dive Center, besides its longevity of over 40 years, is its staff and how they came to find a home here. Unlike many other places where people find themselves punching a time clock and waiting for the weekend to come, the staff at Scubavice truly shares a passion for their work. In fact most of the staff here were patrons of the shop for a number of years before deciding to join the professional side of Scuba.

Ramiro Palma

Owner, NAUI Instructor Trainer and Course Director


NAUI Divemaster

Kate has been working at Scubavice since 2012.  She started her dive career in Austin, TX at 16 years old, eventually becoming a PADI Divemaster in 2006 before crossing over to NAUI in 2015.  When she isn't working in the shop, she loves diving in the Keys and going after those bugs (lobster)! 


Head Technician and NAUI Instructor

Mark started diving in 1984 in Australia and joined the Scubavice team in 2013 after retiring from the Air Force.  He holds multiple certifications relating to gear service, is an avid underwater photographer, and he has even discovered a new species of shrimp (confirmation pending and yes, it will be named after him!)


NAUI Scuba Instructor

Cate has been diving since 2006.  She started diving while living and working in Singapore and fell in love with the sport.  Cate has been with Scubavice in a professional capacity since 2016.  Her favorite places to dive in Florida include the Spiegel Grove in Key Largo, Blue Heron Bridge and drift diving in West Palm Beach.


NAUI Scuba Instructor

Vinnie has been diving since 1982, experiencing everything from sport to commercial diving.  His passion for diving grew so great that he finally decided to turn pro as a NAUI Divemaster and then Instructor.  He really enjoys teaching, sharing the fun and exciting scuba world with his students and other certified divers.

Chloe and Gizmo

Shop dogs and generally awesome buddies

Chloe is Ramiro's yellow lab who loves nothing more than a treat, belly rub, and to play.  Gizmo is Cate's fluffy shih tzu who greets everyone with a bark and suspicion at first, but turns into putty in you hands if there's food or attention involved....