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Dive Leadership Courses

The leadership and instructor levels of certification are:

  • Assistant Instructor

  • Divemaster

  • Instructor


Both the Assistant Instructor and Divemaster ratings allow individuals to attend an Instructor Training Course (ITC) to be trained and qualified as Scuba Instructors. 


Prerequisites for entering Leadership Courses vary, but in general include:


  • Minimum age is 18 years by the water phase of the course.

  • Current certification in First Aid for Dive Professionals or equivalent.

  • Current certification in Oxygen Provider or equivalent.

  • A minimum of 60 logged open water scuba dives with a minimum of 30 hours bottom time. Dives shall be varied in environment, depth, and activities.

  • Medical Approval - Verification of good physical condition as documented by a medical examination and unconditional approval for diving by a licensed physician within the preceding 12 months.

  • Materials - Contact the NAUI or SDI Training Department for current requirements.


If you are interested in training to  become a NAUI or SDI Scuba Professional, come in and see us and we can discuss a training progression plan.  We are always looking for new, enthusiastic talent to join our team!


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