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Master Scuba Diver

Master Scuba Diver is the highest recreational dive certification you can achieve without "going pro". This class is highly recommended before moving on to Divemaster and Instructor - but should not be thought of as a class for professionals only. Gain the in-depth knowledge that will establish you as a recognized authority in your diving club or group.  The Master Scuba Diver course is a continuing education certification course for divers who wish to increase their understanding and enjoyment of diving.

Skills Learned

During your training, you will engage in a minimum of eight open water dives, or you can complete 4 full specialty courses (see specialty courses tab for more details of specialties offered). 

The open water check out dives for Master Diver will test your abilities to their limit while expanding your diving capabilities and experience.  

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What's included?

Class price includes all teaching, classroom materials, and books, plus all instruction on the check dives themselves. Check out dives are at an additional cost, and price varies depending on location.  If you do not own your own gear, we offer rental of any necessary equipment making this a very affordable and enjoyable way for you to increase your diving experience. 

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