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Rescue Diver

A Rescue Class will help prepare you for different types of diving emergency. This class is required to move on to Master Diver, Divemaster and Instructor - but should not be thought of as a class for professionals only. Picture yourself in a diving situation where there is an emergency. Do you have the training and experience to handle the situation?

Skills Learned

Part of dealing with emergencies is understanding how they occur. In the classroom portion of the Rescue class you will study the causes of diver problems, and how to stop them before they occur - for yourself and others.  Then you will learn the techniques for dealing with problems after they occur. The topics in this class will be quite diverse, including:


  • Marine Injuries

  • Stinging Injuries

  • The Hyperbaric Environment

  • Pressure Related Problems (Barotrauma)

  • Diving Illnesses

  • Dive First-Responder Treatment Skills

  • Medical Emergencies

  • .. and more.


In the confined water you will learn and practice how to control panic divers - both above and below the surface. You will also learn how to do in water resuscitation while removing a victims gear. These skills will then be put to the test during your checkout dives.


During the lake weekend, you will run multiple rescue scenarios. You will get to practice panic diver rescues, lost diver searches, and unconscious diver resuscitation. You will be put in control of handling multiple dive emergencies that will be staged by the instructors.

You will find it to be a long weekend, but the rewards upon completion will be worth it!


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What's included?

The Rescue Diver Course price includes all classroom and pool sessions, and the instructor joining you on checkout dives.  The required checkout dives and online code/books are at an additional cost.

If you do not own your own gear, we offer rental of any necessary equipment making this a very affordable and enjoyable way for you to increase you diving experiences. 


Additional gear requirements include: Pocket CPR mask

Additional class requirements for certification: First Aid, CPR & O2 Provider

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