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Open Water Scuba Diver

Scuba Diver (or Open Water Scuba Diver) is our entry level scuba certification course, open to anyone over the age of 10.  During the course you will learn the fundamental knowledge and skills to safely scuba dive in open water. When you complete your class you and your buddy will be free to explore and discover the many wonders of the underwater world…and you will have earned a certification card that is recognized worldwide!


You will begin your scuba lessons, or Certification, with the online course - you will be provided with a code to access the online training portion of your course when you sign up. The material you have covered online will be reinforced in the classroom, before attending the first pool session. The knowledge you have gained is then applied in a pool environment, where you can learn and hone your basic diving skills in a safe, controlled environment. After completing your theoretical and practical training in the pool, you will do 4 dives in an open water environment and experience first hand the fun and excitement Scuba Diving has to offer!

Skills Learned

  • Regulator Recovery

  • Mask Flooding and Clearing

  • Buoyancy Skills

  • Equalization Techniques

  • Ascents and Descents

  • Out of Air Procedures

  • Buddy Assistance

  • ... and much more!


You will have plenty of time for just plain old FUN!!! We will make sure you are completely comfortable in this confined water environment before we move on to the next step - Open Water Check Out Dives.

The Open Water dives will give you the actual practical experience you need to feel confident to dive safely on your own.

What's included?

Class price includes all classroom materials, all pool sessions and your 4 check out dives. It also includes the use of all Scuba equipment (Tank, BC, Regulators, and Pool) during the pool sessions and check out dives. The only thing you need to supply is your personal gear - mask, snorkel, fins, booties, and safety sausage. You will find that we have the best prices on gear at our shop when you buy your personal gear from us, and all students get a discount on all gear purchases made for class!


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